Rodney Reeves

Rodney Reeves joins David Capes to talk about Spirituality according to John on the Stone Chapel.  He is senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  He’s been a pastor but also an academic.  He has taught New Testament at Northern Seminary, Southwest Baptist University, and Williams Baptist University. 

Dr. Reeves and Dr. Capes discuss the differing approaches taken by both John and Paul when it comes to spirituality. 

Dr. Reeves defines spirituality in a Biblical sense, and then discusses the effects it has on varying topics in the Gospels, letters and Revelation. He then takes their differences in literary, philosophical, and theological choices. He gestures towards the devotional applications, ultimately giving rise to a modern calling for Christians to “come and see.”

To hear the podcast (20 minutes) click here.

Rodney Reeves publications include:

Rediscovering Jesus: An Introduction to Biblical, Religious and Cultural Perspectives on Christ

Rediscovering Paul: An Introduction to His World, Letters, and Theology

Spirituality According to John: Abiding in Christ in the Johannine Writings

Spirituality According to Paul: Imitating the Apostle of Christ

You may also be interest in another podcast: Episode 85 The Gospels as Stories with Jeannine Brown.

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