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Get to Know David

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David B. Capes is the Dean and Professor of New Testament in the School of Biblical & Theological Studies at Wheaton College.  Prior to this post, he served for 25 years in faculty and administrative positions at Houston Baptist University. He is the author, co-author, editor, and co-editor of fourteen books including:

  • The Divine Christ: Paul, the Lord Jesus, and the Scriptures of Israel (Baker Academic, 2018)
  • Old Testament Yahweh Texts in Paul’s Christology (Baylor University Press, 2017)
  • Rediscovering Paul: An Introduction to His World, Letters and Theology, 2nd edition (InterVarsity Press, 2017)
  • Slow to Judge: Sometimes It’s OK to Listen (Thomas Nelson, 2014).

For the last 14 years he has co-hosted a popular weekend radio show in Houston on AM 1070 KNTH called “A Show of Faith.”

You may contact him at david.capes@wheaton.edu.



My name is David Capes.  My friends call me David.  My students call me Dr. Capes.  My children call me Dad.  I like all three.  I use my middle initial “B” because there are other David Capes’s out there.

I grew up in Georgia but now live in Wheaton, IL, where I serve as Dean of the School of Biblical and Theological Studies.  I’m also a Professor of New Testament but I don’t often get to teach.  Prior to that I serves as the Thomas Nelson Research Professor in the Department of Theology at HBU.  I have authored, co-authored, edited, co-edited a number of books and a lot of articles.  I was the lead scholar a new Bible translation called THE VOICE, a joint project of Thomas Nelson Publishing and Ecclesia Bible Society.

My wife, and I have been married 40+years. We love gardening and critters.  Not necessarily in that order.  We rescue dogs which have been abused, neglected or just need a good home.  I love to read the Gabriel Allon novels by Daniel Silva and the John Rebus detective novels by Ian Rankin.

I have three children who are all grown up.  When they become successful, I’m going to live with them and my grandchildren.

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