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Slow to Judge: Sometimes It’s OK to Listen, Thomas Nelson (2015)Slow to Judge

“Glory” and “Incarnation,” in The Encyclopedia of Reception History, ed. Dale Allison  deGruyter (2016)

Rediscovering Jesus: An Introduction to Biblical, Religious, and Cultural Perspectives on Christ, InterVarsity (2014)Rediscovering Jesus

The Story of The Voice, Thomas Nelson (2013)Story of The Voice cover

The Voice and Media (Mis)Characterization,” in Sightings an online publication of the Martin Marty Center for the         Advanced Study of Religion at the University of Chicago, June 7, 2012 http://divinity.uchicago.edu/martycenter/publications/sightings/archive_2012/0607.shtml

 The Voice Bible, lead scholar, released April 2012The Voice Bible

“Christology,” Oxford Bibliography Online (2011-12)

“’Jerusalem’ in the Gabriel Revelation and Revelation of John,” in Hazon Gabriel: New Readings of the Gabriel Revelation, ed. Matthias Henze, pp. 173-186,  Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature (2011)

“1 Corinthians,” The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Books of the Bible, ed. Michael  Coogan, New York: Oxford University Press (2011)

“Early Christian Hymns,” “Honor and Shame,” and “Paul’s Co-Workers,” The Baker Illustrated Bible Handbook, ed. Scott Duvall and Daniel Hays, Baker Press (2011)

Co-editor (with J. Daryl Charles) of Thriving in Babylon: Essays in Honor of A. J. Conyers, Princeton Theological Monograph Series, Wipf & Stock (2010)Thriving in Babylon 2

The Voice of Psalms (translator, writer, and reviewer), Thomas Nelson (Fall 2009)

“Tolerance in the Thought and Theology of A. J. Conyers and Fethullah Gülen” Islam and Peacebuilding: Gülen Movement Initiatives, eds. John Esposito and Ihsan Yilmaz (2010)

The Voice New Testament (translator, writer, and reviewer), Thomas Nelson           (October 2008)

The Voice of Romans: The Gospel according to Paul with Chris Seay, Thomas Nelson (2008) Voice of Romans

Forward to The Light of Eden: A Christian Worldview by Harold C. Raley, James M. Hardy Publishing (2008)

The Voice of Hebrews: The Mystery of Melchizedek with Greg Garrett, Thomas  Nelson (2008)The Voice of Hebrews Cover

“Paul, Jesus Tradition in” and “Typology,” in Encyclopedia of the Historical Jesus,  ed. Craig A. Evans, Routledge (2008)

The Voice Revealed: The True Story of the Last Eyewitness with Chris Seay,  Thomas Nelson (2007)

The Voice from on High: God Announces His Son as Israel’s Liberating King with Chris Seay et al, Thomas Nelson (2007)

The Voice of Luke with Brian McLaren, Thomas Nelson (2007)

The Voice of Matthew with Lauren Winner, Thomas Nelson (2007)

Under contract to serve as the theological review director of The Voice, a Bible translation project of Ecclesia Bible Society and Thomas Nelson Publishing, (2006-2010)

Israel’s God and Rebecca’s Children: Christology and Community in Early Judaism and Christianity, senior editor with Helen Bond, April DeConick and Troy Miller, Baylor University Press (November 2007)Israel's God cover

Rediscovering Paul: An Introduction to His World, Letters and Theology.  Grand Rapids: InterVarsity Press (November 2007)Rediscovering Paul

“Capernaum,” Biblical Illustrator (Summer 2007)

The Dust off Their Feet with Brian McLaren,Thomas Nelson (2006)

The Last Eyewitness: the final week with Chris Seay, World/Thomas Nelson (2006)The Last Eyewitness









Review of Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith, by Marvin R. Wilson (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1989) in Review and Expositor 103.1 (Winter 2006), 268-270

“Adoption in the New Testament,” Biblical Illustrator (Fall 2005)

“YHWH Texts and Monotheism in Paul’s Christology,” Early Jewish and Christian Monotheism, ed. Loren T. Stuckenbruck and Wendy E. S. North (JSNTS 263/ London: T. & T. Clark International, 2004), 120-137.

Review of Une approche juive du Nouveau Testament by Frederic Manns (Les Editions du Cerf, 1998) Review of Biblical Literature. On-line  (www.bookreviews.org/Reviews)

Review of God Crucified: Monotheism and Christology in the New Testament by Richard Bauckham (Eerdmans, 1998) Review of Biblical Literature. On-line (www.bookreviews.org/Reviews)

“The Lord’s Table: Divine or Human Remembrance?” Perspectives in Religious Studies 30.2 (2003), 199-209.

Imitatio Christi and the Gospel Genre,” Bulletin for Biblical Research 13.1 (2003), 1-19.

“The Eighth Day,” Christian Reflection: A Series in Faith and Ethics (July 2002), 17-24.

“Tongues Speaking in the Early Church,” Biblical Illustrator (Spring 2000), 45-48.

Imitatio Christi and the Early Worship of Jesus” The Jewish Roots of Christological Monotheism: Papers from the St. Andrews Conference on the Historical Origins of the Worship of Jesus, ed. Carey C. Newman, James R. Davila, and Gladys S. Lewis (Leiden: E. J. Brill; JSJsupp: 1999), 293-307.

The Holy Land: Follow the Steps of Jesus.  Israel: Steimatzsky, 1999. (co-author with Etty Boochny)

“Intertextuality in the Matthean Baptismal Narrative” Bulletin for Biblical Research Volume 9 (1999) 37-49.

“Hours in a Day” Biblical Illustrator (Fall 1998), 36-38.

 The Footsteps of Jesus in the Holy Land.  Houston: Dror International, 1998. (co-author with Etty Boochny)Footsteps of Jesus

“Preexistence,” Dictionary of the Later New Testament and Its Developments.  Edited by Ralph Martin and Peter Davids (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1997), 955-961.

  “Interpreting Ephesians 1-3: `God’s People in the Mystery of His Will'” The  Southwestern Journal of Theology (Fall 1996), 20-31.

“Yahweh and His Messiah: Pauline Exegesis and the Divine Christ” Horizons in    Biblical Theology 16.2 (December 1994), 121-143.

Review of Pauline Theology: Ministry and Society by E. Earle Ellis (Eerdmans, 1989) Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 35.4 (1992), 541-542.

Review of Philippians by F. F. Bruce (NIBC: Hendrickson, 1989) Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 35.4 (1992), 540-541.

Old Testament Yahweh Texts in Paul’s Christology in Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament, 2/47.  Tuebingen: J. C. B. Mohr, 1992.YHWH Texts


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