Amy Allan, Wheaton College

Amy is a third year Old Testament Biblical Studies Ph.D. student at Wheaton College under the supervision of Dr. Michael Graves. Her research interests include patristic and rabbinic interpretations of Scripture, anthropomorphic language for God, Old Testament prophets, theology, literary characterization, rhetoric, and ancient Near Eastern culture. Amy completed her M.Div. at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri and is currently in the ordination discernment process at her local church. Her ministry flows from her own journey with Christ and includes advocating for the safety of abuse survivors, leading worship in multi-ethnic churches, anti-racism activism, care for the homeless, speaking in a variety of academic and ecclesial contexts, serving in programs for juvenile patients with cranio-facial anomalies, and finding creative ways to engage and honor Native American traditions.

To hear the podcast (18 minutes) click here.

The Stone Chapel is a podcast of the friends and staff of the Lanier Theological Library in Houston, Texas.  It is hosted by Dr. David Capes, Senior Research Fellow at the library and former faculty member at Houston Baptist University and Wheaton College.  The purpose of the podcast is to bring to our audience great conversations from the world’s leading experts in theology, biblical studies, archaeology, Church history, the Dead Sea Scrolls, ethics, ministry, and a host of other topics close to the mission of the library.

The Lanier Theological Library is a magnet for scholars, church leaders and influencers.  For the last ten years, it has welcomed hundreds of academics and church leaders from across the globe for public lectures, study, panel discussions, consultations, and encouragement.

These podcasts as well as the Lanier library and the Stone Chapel are generously underwritten by Mark and Becky Lanier and the Lanier Theological Library Foundation.  If you have questions or comments, please be in touch: Email

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