Dr. Ingrid Faro, Northern Seminary

Congratulations to everyone on the team in Wheaton. This is the 200th episode, and it is a great one. Thanks, Ingrid. Now on to the next 100!!!!

Hints of the identity of the man and woman together as God’s sacred space have been latent but unrecognized in the Hebrew language of Gen. 2:21-22. In this, our 200th episode, Dr. Ingrid Faro uncovers what the language has to tell us. She is the Coordinator of the MA in Old Testament Program at Northern Seminary in Lisle, IL, where she teaches the Hebrew Bible. Among other things, she is the author of  Evil in Genesis: A Contextual Analysis of Hebrew Lexemes for Evil in the Book of Genesis. She recently lectured at the Lanier Theological Library on “Deconstructing Evil,” and her forthcoming book is Demystifying Evil: A Biblical and Personal Exploration (IVP).

To hear the podcast (10 minutes) click here.

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