Dr. Christine Galib

Dr. Christine Galib is a reader, a writer, an educator, and an entrepreneur.  Perhaps more importantly, she is a seeker of Truth.  In this podcast, she talks with David Capes about her new book, Parables from the Pandemic: Holding onto Hope in a Hurting World.   She dedicated it to all who passed away and all who suffered loss as a result of the Covid pandemic.  Dr. Galib has written twelves parables—one a poem, one a tweet!—that illustrate the harshness of this fallen world and yet speak Truth and offer hope.  Inspired by Dante Alighieri, John Milton, Jesus, C. S. Lewis and other wise writers, Christine helps us understand that “sometimes, and perhaps most times, fiction teaches us more truths than fact does.” To know more about Christine Galib, go to her website: www.christinegalib.com.

To hear the podcast (20 minutes) click here.

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