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My mother, Shirley Capes, sent me this photo. It is from Christmas 2014. It features two of my three sons: Bryan Capes is on the left. Daniel Capes, our son who died Aug 2nd, is on the right. It was taken in the family room of Donna BattsCathy Hall Capes’s sister, and Steve Batts, her husband, in Newnan GA. The sofa is now gone. I know. I helped move it onto a trailer for transport when someone bought it. The house was sold recently. I know. We helped them move out. So our family members’ no longer own it. Of all those things, only Bryan, our eldest, remains. We move on from things, I suppose, but not people. My son is no longer here, but there is no moving on. He leaves a chasm deep within my chest.
Daniel Christmas 2014

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