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Paul: Surprises along the Way

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A few weeks ago Mark Lanier invited me to speak to his Sunday School class at Champions Forest Baptist Church.  Mark teaches a class weekly of about 700 people, and I have been privileged to speak there are few times.

On this occasion Mark was doing a series on the apostle Paul, and he asked me to contribute a talk on “Paul: Surprises Along the Way.”  Essentially, Mark asked me to talk about the kinds of things I’ve learned about Paul that I would have never expected.  I have written a couple of books on Paul and it was a delight to spend some time thinking through a few of the surprises.  Each of Mark’s Sunday School classes are recorded and made available on YouTube.  I’ve included a link here, in case you are interested.  The talk is about 45 minutes.




  1. Kim Hatton says:

    This is what I posted on Facebook after watching this helpful video: I dare say even we Christians will be surprised about our lack of depth or understanding–so much”unknown” about the bible, biblical authors, history and of course the God of all Creation. Such a rich truth folks like Dr. Capes helps us “see”, thank you David B. Capes!

  2. Matt says:

    Kind of off topic, but when is your new book on Early High Christology being released?

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