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HGST Blog Launches


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The official HGST blog launched August 1, 2016.  The link is here.  Or if you want to type it into your browser, here is the address: http://www.hgstblog.wordpress.comcoffee-shop

The first post was by our own, Dr. James Furr, president of HGST. Every week one of our faculty, friends, trustees and/or students shares some thought or insight with our readers.  You’ll find book announcements and book reviews there.  You may even find an occasional movie review. We use the site to share with you podcasts and videos you will want to see.  Our Bible faculty offer insights from Scripture and theology.  Our counselors share recent trends in counseling theory and technique.  Just enough to whet the appetite.  Our preaching faculty may give us a sermon outline or two.  Who knows?

Why are we doing this?  Well, it is simple.  We see it as furthering the important mission of HGST: to equip women and men to be ministers and messengers of God’s mission of reconciliation through academic excellence, personal transformation and leadership development.

Are you looking for a seminary? Why not check out Houston Graduate School of Theology: www.hgst.edu.


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