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Women in Ministry


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One of the issues which continues to trip up modern evangelical Christians is the role of women in ministry.  The school where I teach, Houston Graduate School of Theology, actively affirms women in all ministry roles.  woman minister

Recently, however, I took a group of students to a seminary retreat in north Texas.  While there, one of our female students encountered a young man who insisted that women’s roles in ministry should be limited.  Based upon his reading of a few biblical texts, he criticized any attempt for women to take roles as pastors, elders or leaders of churches or para-church groups for that matter.  My student came back confused about the whole matter.

A friend recently sent me a link to a site in Australia which lays out key quotations from various evangelical scholars on women in ministry.  Some of theses scholars are still with us.  Others have fallen asleep in Jesus (to borrow Paul’s phrase).  Their insights and conclusions are well worth considering.

Here is that link:



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