The Romans Road with N. T. Wright

Tom Wright

N. T. (“Tom”) Wright, Senior Research Fellow at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, joins David Capes on “The Stone Chapel Podcast” to talk about his June 2022 lecture: “The Romans Road: Through the Dark Valley.”  

After recounting a bit of his early life, Wright describes what many evangelical Christians know as “The Romans Road.”  It is a way of sharing key verses from Paul’s letter to the Romans to help people find salvation.  But Wright thinks “salvation” for Paul means something different than what moderns mean by it, that is, going to heaven when we die.

To read Romans well and in context means that we continue to Romans 8.  For Wright the story of salvation is a truly human story which includes going through the dark valley.

To hear the podcast (20 minutes) click here.

The Good News in Isaiah with Ingrid Faro

Dr. Ingrid Faro, Northern Seminary

Dr. Ingrid Faro is Visiting Professor of Old Testament at Northern Seminary in Lisle, IL, and also teaches at the Scandinavian School of Theology in Sweden. Among other things, she is the author of Evil in Genesis: A Contextual Analysis of Hebrew Lexemes for Evil in the Book of Genesis. She tells of how she learned modern Hebrew in Israel, separately experienced the deep pain of relational abuse and loss, and eventually studied both ancient Hebrew and Greek. From that learning, she draws out the aspects of meaning appreciated through a knowledge of the Hebrew wording of Isaiah 61:1-3, the passage Jesus applied to himself in Luke 4.

To hear the podcast (12 minutes) click here.

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