Dr. Chris Fresch

In 1 Cor. 1:19 Paul quotes from Isaiah 29:14. His Greek wording differs markedly from the Hebrew of the OT passage, but is close to the Greek version of Isaiah then in use (LXX, Septuagint) . . . and nods to Psalm 33:10. Why would Paul do this? Dr. Fresch also wrote a blog post on this issue: “Paul the Paraphraser or Paul the Septuagint Quoter?” Dr. Chris Fresch is Lecturer in Biblical Languages and Old Testament at Bible College SA in Adelaide, South Australia. Among other things, he has authored Discourse Markers in Early Koine Greek: A Cognitive-Functional Analysis with an Application to LXX Translation Technique (SBL Press, 2023).

To hear the podcast click here.

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