James K. Hoffmeier

The Prophets of Israel: Walking the Ancient Paths (Kregel Academic, 2021) is a new book by James Hoffmeier.  

Jim and his wife, Cathy, have been long time friends of the library.  In fact, he has lectured in the Stone Chapel twice over the last 12 years.  You can click on the links below to see these lectures on our YouTube channel. 

He has also been instrumental in promoting the library and its work through his network of students and scholars. 

Jim was born in Egypt and recounts some of his early life there.  After he earned his PhD and began teaching, he found he frequently had to teach the prophets.  Over time he came to love and appreciate the Hebrew prophets as those who point back to God’s teaching.  

Dr. Hoffmeier is a renown Old Testament scholar and field archaeologist.  In this book he explores the non-writing and writing prophets of the Old Testament against their cultural backdrop. 

The book is beautifully done.  It contains full-color photos and images of the land and some of the treasures excavated there.  

Jim is a great writer.  He is clear, engaging and the book is set up to bring out the best for any reader.

When we do lectures at the Lanier Library, we frequently have his book available for purchase and if you’re lucky, he may just sign it for you.  

Here is what Tremper Longman III said about the book:

“James Hoffmeier, a biblical scholar and archaeologist of international reputation, is an excellent guide to help us read the theological message of the prophets in their proper setting.  He brings his skill and immense knowledge to bear to orient us to a proper understanding of the prophets.  I highly recommend this volume to all who want to read the prophets to truly hear their voice and ultimately the voice of God who speaks through them.”  

This is a great interview.  Thanks to Jim for writing his heart out to get us this book done AND for making it available to us.  

Jim and his wife Cathy live in Paradise, Pennsylvania, to be close to their grandkids!

To hear the podcast click here.

Click here for this lecture: James Hoffmeier, The Exodus: Recent Archaeological and Geological Work in North Sinai

Click here for this lecture:

James Hoffmeier and Stephen Moshier, Moses did not Sleep Here!

Click here for this lecture:

Religious Freedom, with Mark Movesian, James Hoffmeier, Mario Arroyo, Michael Simons and Mark Lanier

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