Dr. Ida Glaser

Dr. Ida Glaser, International Academic Coordinator and Founding Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, joins David Capes on “The Stone Chapel” to talk about her life and the mission of the Oxford Centre she and her husband, David Coffey, established.  They bring Muslims and Christians together in formal study to relate honestly, think rigorously, and explore their respective traditions and religious texts.  They have been involved with scholars, research, and public education for the last 12 years.  Their website is  https://www.cmcsoxford.org.

In 2020 they established a center in Houston which had many challenges during the Covid pandemic.  Still they have made some amazing connections and established key relationships. Their Houston website is: https://www.cmcshouston.org. Be sure to pay careful attention to the story she tells about reading part of the Abraham story with rabbis and Muslims. They have many on-line resources which are free and will deepen your understanding of your faith and the faiths of others.

To hear the podcast (25 minutes) click here.

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