Dr. Clint Burnett

Clint Burnett (PhD, Boston University) joined David Capes on “The Stone Chapel” to talk about his new book Interpreting the New Testament through Inscriptions (Hendrickson Academic, 2020).  Dr. Burnett discusses what inscriptions are, what they tell us about the world of the New Testament, and how scholars go about dating them to the period.  There are a lot of places where the New Testament and inscriptions come together and Burnett covers them in his book.  Inscriptions related: to the title “Lord;” ancient banquets; imperial oaths and decrees from Caesar; benefactors/benefactresses and overseers; and—everyone’s favorite—calculating numbers and in particular 666 as the number of a man in Revelation.  There are over half a million inscriptions so far discovered in the ancient world and they tell us about the lives of the average individual.

To listen to the podcast (22 min) click here.

The Stone Chapel is a podcast of the friends and staff of the Lanier Theological Library in Houston, Texas.  It is hosted by Dr. David Capes, Senior Research Fellow at the library and former faculty member at Houston Baptist University and Wheaton College.  The purpose of the podcast is to bring to our audience great conversations from the world’s leading experts in theology, biblical studies, archaeology, Church history, the Dead Sea Scrolls, ethics, ministry, and a host of other topics close to the mission of the library.

The Lanier Theological Library is a magnet for scholars, church leaders and influencers.  For the last ten years, it has welcomed hundreds of academics and church leaders from across the globe for public lectures, study, panel discussions, consultations, and encouragement.

These podcasts as well as the Lanier library and the Stone Chapel are generously underwritten by Mark and Becky Lanier and the Lanier Theological Library Foundation.  If you have questions or comments, please be in touch: Email david.capes@lanierlibrary.org

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