Since our son, Daniel, died ten weeks ago, Cathy and I have established  The Daniel Ryan Capes Endowed Scholarship in Writing at his alma mater, Houston Baptist University.  It will be available to worthy junior or senior writing majors beginning fall semester 2020.  To fund the scholarship we will need to raise a minimum of $75,000 over the next three years.

Daniel and Toby 2
Daniel and his son, Toby (Summer 2018)

Daniel graduated from HBU in 2006 with a degree in writing.  His first job was as a technical writer on NASA’s Constellation project.  But his real passion was to become a story-writer for video games. His dream came true when he was able to use his writing skills to work with TimeGate, SixFoot, and Cryptic Studios creating story lines for various games.  Daniel loved a good story and a good movie; he knew the power of stories to instruct us, entertain us, and express our deepest longings.

We wanted to let you know about our plans now so you could decide whether you would like to join us in honoring Daniel in this way.  Many of you have already expressed a desire to help.

Here are the details on how to donate:

Donate on-line:

1.  Go to

2.  Scroll down and click on box “Give Now”

3.  Scroll down and fill in your name, email, amount of the gift, and if your company matches donations.

4.  Scroll down and click on button “Additional giving opportunities”

5.  There will be a search box on the next screen (top right corner).  Type in “Daniel Ryan Capes” and his scholarship name will appear.

6.  Select the scholarship: “Daniel Ryan Capes Endowed Scholarship in Writing”

7.  Then “Next/Continue”

8.  Review the next screen (may need to scroll down) to check all the information

9.  If all is correct, click “Next”

10. If this is your first donation to HBU, you may receive the message “No Matching Profile” but the screen will advance to the next step

11. Fill in credit card information

12. Review the details

13. Select “Make your gift”

14. You will receive a confirmation page to print out for your records.

To Give by mail:

Alternatively, you may send a check made out to Houston Baptist University.  In the memo line write “Daniel Ryan Capes Endowed Scholarship in Writing.”  Mail to:

Tommy Bambrick
Houston Baptist University
7502 Fondren Rd.
Houston, TX 77074

All donations are tax-deductible. 


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