I am a proud, mug-carrying member of Team Hurtado.Team Hurtado

I continue to think that students who want a PhD in New Testament need to learn Greek and read the texts in their original language. I don’t think it is elitist or asking too much of any student.  I have met students from the Majority World who are dedicated to learning Greek even though they have to learn it through the resources of English or German.  They do not feel put upon by western scholars.  They are excited to do it.

The same standard could be applied to any literature or field of study.  If you want to be considered an expert in Spanish literature of the 19th century, you need to be able to read Spanish. In the image above I have obscured a word on the mug which might be considered offensive; but astute readers may be able to figure it out. It is not in Greek.

Hurtado refers to Larry Hurtado, retired Professor of New Testament at the University of Edinburgh.  He is a close, personal friend and a mentor of mine for 30 years.  He writes a popular blog you can find here.



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