Exegetically Speaking

At Wheaton College we have launched a new podcast called “Exegetically Speaking.”  The purpose is simple: we want to promote reading the Bible in its original languages–Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic–so that we can read it more fully, more faithfully, and not only read it but also live it.  Each podcast features faculty and friends of Wheaton College going into some detail about how reading the Bible in the original “pays off.”  Our first podcasts feature veteran scholars, John Walton and Jon Laansma.  Each episode is about 7-10 minutes in length.  I’m in conversation with Phil Keaggy about providing music for the intro and exit.  Here is a link: http://exegeticallyspeaking.libsyn.com/website

It will be available through the Wheaton College website and also on iTunes.  Expect to see one to two podcasts per week. Subscribe and stay up with us.  Future guests include Mark Lanier, Seth Ehorn, Andrew Abernethy, Chris Vlachos, Nick Perrin, Todd Still, and lots of others.

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