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Wrong about Christian history? . . .


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One of the great joys I have in life is special friends.  The same is probably true for you.  One of my best friends for most of my adult life is Prof. Larry Hurtado, now retired Professor of New Testament from the University of Edinburgh.  And Edinburgh happens to be one of my favorite cities.

Recently Larry was on a podcast with Tom Holland, who is an amazing historian.  Holland doesn’t just tackle little narrow bits of history (like most of us).  He tackles the big questions and does so with clear, insight into the past.

Not long ago Holland wrote an article on why he believes he has been wrong about Christian history.  That article resulted in a podcast featuring both Larry Hurtado and Tom Holland. The podcast is about 1 hr and 20  minutes in length, but it is well worth your time in listening to two  of the most engaging speakers I’ve heard in a long time.

Here is the URL for your browser:


Or click here.

If you’d like to read the original article by Holland in The New Statesman, here is the link:


Or click here.


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