A few years ago (March 2009) I was invited by Father Donald Nesti, director of the Center for Faith and Culture at St. Mary’s Seminary, Houston, TX, to give a lecture on Paul’s Gospel at St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston, Texas.  I was one of four lecturers on the topic.  The first lecture was by Ben Witherington, the second Carol Osiek, and the final lecture was given by Daniel Cardinal DiNardo (I think it was before he was Cardinal). It was a great experience for me.  I thought I’d share the link with you.  They did a marvelous job capturing the PowerPoint with the lecture.  Comments are always welcome.



  1. You mention in your lecture that you welcome questions. I have a couple.
    1. I thought you stated that we are in a new age…the kingdom age. Would you say that the old covenant and new covenant ran simultaneously until 70ad when the temple was destroyed by the Roman army? It seems to me that scripture shows that the day of wrath (or the day of the Lord) was when the old covenant sacrifice ended (through the temple destruction.) it seems that this was the wrath the apostles spoke of…that the mercy of God gave the Jews time to repent within that transition art time frame. How do you see a forthcoming wrath given the historical information from Josephus as well as the scriptures?

    2. Also, and I do not mean this antagonisticly, but what would be the purpose of His return? It seems that we have been given the mandate to bring heaven to earth now versus at a later time. Can you guve me further understanding on the ‘second coming?’

    Thank you so much. I enjoyed listening and watching the video even if it is from 2009.

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