Not long ago I wrote an brief article for the E3 Foundation on the Gospel of Thomas.  Many consider it as a reliable witness to Jesus. Others disregard it altogether. What it does offer is a glimpse of how theologically diverse early Christianity (second century AD) was.  There is a significant debate over whether and to what extent the Gospel of Thomas is Gnostic. It is less Gnostic than many of the texts we find in the Nag Hammadi Library. But there are elements in it which cause me to regard it a “Gnostic-Lite.”

Here is a link to that article: 


  1. Hi Dr. Copes: I read your article on the Gospel of Thomas and found nothing new there. Twenty-five years ago, I took a different approach and discovered the Source from which the Gospel of Thomas was created (not the fictitious ‘Q’ source). I just reopened my Blog at WordPress and put up five Posts concerning this Source. I was hoping that you would take the time to read them. You will have to begin with Part 1 and read through to Part 5 in order. As you will see, everything contained in them will be new to you. I don’t require comments to be placed on my Blog but I would like your opinion on the Source. If you are willing to comment, please let me know and I will send you my email address. Thanks Peter

    1. The point was not to say anything new about the Gospel of Thomas. My point as I said in the article was to provide an introduction for people who may have only heard of it on the HIstory Channel. Some people are aware only of the 4 NT Gospels and have never heard about these others. I’ll take a look at your blog. Thanks.

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