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The Status of Women in Academic Publishing

Katya Covrett

Before the pandemic started, in January 2020, I sat down to talk with Katya Covrett, executive editor for Zondervan Academic, to discuss the status of women in academic publishing for our new podcast, “The Stone Chapel.” Katya has been at the center of recent discussions on the status quo and what she at Zondervan is doing to engage more women in academic publishing. While it is an issue across many fields, it is prominent in fields that touch in and around the mission of Zondervan academic. Though it has been a male-dominated enterprise, Katya has a strategy.

To hear the podcast click here.

From Russia to Zondervan Academic

Katya Covrett, executive editor for Zondervan Academic, talks about her journey from Russia to Bible College translator to graduate student to become the face of Zondervan Academic.  She discussed the history and unique mission of the press.  She offers good advice for how to get published and avoid the mistakes authors make.   

To listen to the podcast (about 20 minutes), “The Stone Chapel,” click here.

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