A Stump on the Oak

Here is my Facebook post of September 14, 2019, six weeks after my son died.

Six weeks ago our son, Daniel Capes, died. He was 36 years old (pictured here in the middle with younger brother Jordan Capes [on the left] and older brother Bryan Capes [on the right]). One year ago Daniel and Jordan cut two limbs from a tree in our front yard to make room for a bounce house for Daniel’s son birthday. Tobias Alexander Capes was about to turn four. They left a stump on the oak which Cathy and I had planned to take off; but we’ve decided to leave it as a reminder. What a difference a year makes. Daniel is no longer with us. Toby turns five soon. There is a hole in our world. By day we stumble around it. By night we fall in it headlong.

Three sons