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The Truth about Jonah

In this episode of Exegetically Speaking . . .

Rabbi Steven Bob joins us to consider the significance of Jonah’s name in Hebrew, which means “dove.” This leads him to recognize associations between Jonah and the story of Noah.Rabbi Steven Bob

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Rev. Dr. Colin Brown (1932-2019)

It is with sadness that I report and acknowledge the death of the Rev. Dr. Colin Brown.  I met him and had dinner with him one evening with my Doctor Father, E. Earle Ellis.  I edit here from his published obituary.Unknown-3
The Rev. Dr. Colin Brown passed away peacefully at home in Altadena on May 4, 2019, age 87, surrounded by his children, closest friends, and dedicated care-givers. He was born in Bradford, England, in 1932. He was ordained in the Church of England in 1958 and became Vice Principal of Tyndale Hall Theological College, which later formed Trinity College, Bristol, England. His education included a BA from Liverpool University, a BD from the University of London, an MA and a DD from Nottingham University and a PhD from the University of Bristol. He came to the US in 1978, serving as Professor of Systematic Theology at Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, until 2010, rising to Associate Dean for Advanced Theological Studies in 1988.
During this time, he also served as Associate Priest at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church, Altadena, until his recent illness. He was the author of many scholarly articles and books including Miracles and the Critical Mind and Jesus in European Protestant Thought. He gained recognition for editing The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology, and received numerous honors and awards, including first place on the Critics’ Commended List of Books in the LA Times. Colin continued his research and writing up until shortly before his death. His most recent book focused on Quests of the Historical Jesus. A humble and gentle man, he leaves an extensive academic legacy and was revered by his students, colleagues and friends alike. In addition to being passionate about his preaching, research and teaching, he was a keen rose grower, gladly sharing his broad knowledge of roses with others.

Will Never Move On

Here is my Facebook post

My mother, Shirley Capes, sent me this photo. It is from Christmas 2014. It features two of my three sons: Bryan Capes is on the left. Daniel Capes, our son who died Aug 2nd, is on the right. It was taken in the family room of Donna BattsCathy Hall Capes’s sister, and Steve Batts, her husband, in Newnan GA. The sofa is now gone. I know. I helped move it onto a trailer for transport when someone bought it. The house was sold recently. I know. We helped them move out. So our family members’ no longer own it. Of all those things, only Bryan, our eldest, remains. We move on from things, I suppose, but not people. My son is no longer here, but there is no moving on. He leaves a chasm deep within my chest.
Daniel Christmas 2014

In the beginning . . . Wisdom

In this episode of Exegetically Speaking . . .

Dr. Daniel Treier, Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Theology at Wheaton College, brings exegetical insights from Proverbs 8 into conversation with discussions about Christology.Treier-Daniel-200x300-1

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Here is my Facebook post of August 24, 2019.

Three weeks ago my son, Daniel Capes, died. He was 36 years old. His wife, Jenel Capes, asked us to pick up his ashes. We did so last week. These ashes are all that remain here of the life Cathy and I created in 1983. I realize we are more than ashes, but every experience we ever had of Daniel was in this body. Every sight of him. Every sound of him. Every wisecrack. Every smile. If the Christian doctrine of incarnation tells us anything, it tells us that bodies matter, that the material carries sacredness within every particle of dust and ash. Below is a picture of me at 27 holding my son for the first time. He was only minutes old. Son, you have left a Daniel-sized hole in our hearts, which nothing in this world can satisfy.Daniel birth

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