I was invited to give the Hayward Lectures at Acadia Divinity College (Nova Scotia) in October 2014. The series is entitled “Paul’s Kyrios Christology.” They were recorded expertly by Danny Zacharias and are now available on YouTube.  My friend, Nijay Gupta, has made them available on his blog.

Click here to view the three lectures. Thanks to both Danny Zacharias and Nijay Gupta for making these available.

These three lectures will become a basis of a book to be published in 2016 by Baker Academic.  Acadia Divinity College


  1. I’m grateful that these lectures have been made available to us. Thank you.

    I am about halfway through the first one and wonder if I might ask you to consider making the accompanying PowerPoint presentation available to view along with it. In your lecture you refer constantly to the slides – even turning to look at them yourself frequently – but they are not visible in the video that we see.

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