Ben WitheringtonAs the lead scholar on the The Voice Bible project, I try to keep up with what others have said or are saying about it.  For some reason, however, I missed Dr. Ben Witherington’s review in February 2013 on “Patheos.”  Professor Witherington is one of the top New Testament scholars in the world so I was anxious to see what sort of marks he would give it.   Overall, I think he had a positive take on it.  He took time to understand the missional mind and heart that was behind the project.  He did, however, have some constructive criticism on how we handled Hebrews 12.  After reading his thoughts, I’m inclined to agree and think I may suggest to Frank Couch at Thomas Nelson that we make a slight revision to that text.  I’ve included a link below. His blog is certainly worth following.

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  1. I want to THANK whoever is responsible for capitalizing any word that refers to the “Anointed One” (I like that phrase). It grieves me to read Bible versions that don’t respect the difference between mere man and the Holy Creator! Besides that, it helps me to understand who is being talked about and boy can that make an impact!
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Keep the respect deity deserves.
    Even my pastor is accepting the reason that “capitals weren’t used back then” ; we’ll excuse me but Gods name and references WERE so holy that writers didn’t use full words for them. I also understand original writers/copiers washed their hands before they wrote references to our Lord. AND neither was punctuation used “back then” . . .
    Please correct me if I’m misinformed.
    God Bless you!

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