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Here is my Facebook post of August 24, 2019.

Three weeks ago my son, Daniel Capes, died. He was 36 years old. His wife, Jenel Capes, asked us to pick up his ashes. We did so last week. These ashes are all that remain here of the life Cathy and I created in 1983. I realize we are more than ashes, but every experience we ever had of Daniel was in this body. Every sight of him. Every sound of him. Every wisecrack. Every smile. If the Christian doctrine of incarnation tells us anything, it tells us that bodies matter, that the material carries sacredness within every particle of dust and ash. Below is a picture of me at 27 holding my son for the first time. He was only minutes old. Son, you have left a Daniel-sized hole in our hearts, which nothing in this world can satisfy.Daniel birth

70 times 7 equals 8

In this episode of Exegetically Speaking . . .

Dr. Ron Hayden, an adjunct professor at Wheaton College, considers one of the most ambiguous passages in the Bible, the pronouncement of 70 “sevens” in Daniel 9. He suggests that the ambiguity is intentional.

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Stone Mountain

Here is my Facebook post of August 19th, three weeks after my son died.

In summer 1988 we took the kids to Stone Mountain GA where we rode the train. Here is Daniel Capes, at 5 years, wearing a light blue shirt seated next to his cousin, Lauren Capes Kitenplon. Typical Daniel face. Seated in front is cousin Jeremy Capes and Daniel’s older brother, Bryan Capes. I’m seated behind holding Jordan Capes, with a pacifier, who was about 8-9 months old. We miss you, Daniel. You leave a gap which cannot be filled. aaaa stone mountain

Using Commentaries Well

In this 8 minute edition of Exegetically Speaking . . .

Dr. John Walton, Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College, offers advice about commentaries. What do they offer? How should we use them? Where does consulting commentaries fit into the process of exegesis? Listen in to hear Dr. Walton’s advice.john walton

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Our Beach Vacation Tradition

Here is my Facebook post of August 16, 2019 about 2 weeks after our son died.

Over the past 25 years we’ve had a family tradition, a beach trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Here is a treasured photo from June 2018, 14 months before our son died. Here are my three sons: Jordan Capes, Bryan Capes and Daniel Capes. Daniel Capes is to my left (Picture right). For obvious reasons we missed this year’s trip. Daniel’s last request was to go to the beach. So we checked him out of M. D. Anderson Hospital and took him to Galveston Island. Two friends, Brenda and Ray Whaley, gave us the use of their beach house on Pirate’s Beach. We spent a cherished week there. Friends and family came from GA, FL and TX to spend time with us. We miss you, Daniel. You’ve made it to white shores and beyond, a far green country, under a swift sunrise. Remember, you promised to meet us when we come.Beach picture

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