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Pre-incarnate Bling in the Christ-Hymn (Philippians 2:5-11)

Dr. Nijay Gupta, Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary, has authored several books and articles, including his recent, Paul and the Language of Faith(Eerdmans, 2020). Recently, we had the chance to connect on Exegetically Speaking to discuss the “poetic” language of one of the New Testament’s most important passages about Christ. Nijay questions whether we’re dealing here with poetry or something else. He prefers to call it an Ode to Christ. As I recall, Gordon Fee referred to it as exalted prose. At any rate, Dr. Gupta does a great job helping us work through part of this passage, one of the most famous in the New Testament.

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Dr. Nijay Gupta, Northern Seminary

The Name of God

Dr. Aubrey Buster, Assistant Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College, joins me on “Exegetically Speaking” to discuss the meaning of the Hebrew Name that God takes for himself during his first appearance to Moses. What its meaning was, why it was given, how it has been spelled and pronounced in the Hebrew and English traditions, and why these later forms were adopted.

The podcast is about 7 minutes.

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Context is King

Dr. John Walton, Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College Graduate School, and I recently had a chat on Exegetically Speaking. He lays out the importance of knowing the context of a passage to understand it.  After discussing four kinds of context for exegesis, he focuses on the historical context.  As a test case, he takes us to Daniel 7:1 to understand what is happening historically at the time of Daniel’s fantastic vision. 

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Mr. Greek

Dr. Bill Mounce (https://www.billmounce.com/about), Mr. Greek himself, recently stopped by the Lanier Library with his sweet wife, Robin. I had the chance to interview him briefly for “Exegetically Speaking,” Dr. Mounce is the the founder and President of BiblicalTraining.org. He also serves on the Committee for Bible Translation (responsible for the NIV translation of the Bible), is author of Basics of Biblical Greek and other works, and was formerly a professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Azusa Pacific University. In this episode, he joins me to talk about his own pilgrimage as a student of Greek and the vision and work of BiblicalTraining.org.

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Pablo Seguel: The Architecture of Language

A friend and former student of mine, Pablo Seguel, recorded an episode of Exegetically Speaking with me a while back in order to talk about his experiences as a architect in Chili helped him understand biblical languages. He reminds us that there is architecture to language just as there is architecture in erecting a strong building.

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