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Phil Keaggy

Recently, Wheaton College started a podcast called “Exegetically Speaking.”  Each episode is about 7 minutes in length and its purpose is to promote the study of the biblical languages: Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic.

I contacted legendary guitarist, Phil Keaggy, to see if he would compose and record music for our introduction and conclusion.  He did so gladly, out of the goodness of heart, and offered us about 14 different possibilities. I was amazed and grateful.  We chose a classical snippet that lasts about 24 seconds.   So now each podcast opens with the music of Phil Keaggy.  It  is bright, hopeful “snippet” that sets the table well for our podcasting efforts.

Take 25 seconds and listen in:


Thanks, Phil, for your gift.  phil-keaggy-Live-2-622x504

Podcast: Xmas–Is it taking Christ out of Christmas?

We have a new podcast up, a special Christmas edition.  It’s entitled: “Xmas–Is it taking Christ out of Christmas?”  Here is a link to the website.  Each podcast is about 7 minutes in length.  Take a few minutes and catch up on other episodes while you are there.


Exegetically Speaking: In Praise of Joy

Wheaton College has a new podcast featuring Dr. Phil Ryken, president of Wheaton College.  In this episode a wonderful pastor, teacher and college administrator talks of some of the advantages of reading the Scriptures in their original languages.  As an example, Dr. Ryken takes us to Ecclesiastes 8.15.

Here is a link to this and other episodes:




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