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Theology Conference at HBU

Houston Baptist University is sponsoring a theology conference April 16-18, 2015.  The theme of the conference is “The Church and Early Christianity.”  Our keynote speakers include Dr. Ben Witherington (Asbury Theological Seminary), Dr. John Barclay (University of Durham), and Dr. Everett Ferguson (Abilene Christian University).  If you would like to attend, please follow the link here and plan to join us.

If this link fail, please copy and past the following into your web browser:


Papers and Abstracts
We are inviting papers representing a variety of approaches from scholars and graduate students in this area of study.  We are particularly interested in the relationship of early Christian communities within their wider theological and cultural contexts. This includes theological developments related to ecclesiology as well as the social relationships with Second Temple Jewish practices and institutions (e.g., the Synagogue), the relationships within early Christian communities, and the relationship of early Christian communities with the wider Greco-Roman society. Participants will have 25-30 minutes to present papers (inclusive of Q&A).  Please submit a 200-300 word abstract to Dr. Ben C. Blackwell at bblackwell@hbu.edu by February 15, 2015, with notification of acceptance by March 2.  Registration by March 23 is required for those who will present at the conference.

Hayward Lectures Fall 2014

I was invited to give the Hayward Lectures at Acadia Divinity College (Nova Scotia) in October 2014. The series is entitled “Paul’s Kyrios Christology.” They were recorded expertly by Danny Zacharias and are now available on YouTube.  My friend, Nijay Gupta, has made them available on his blog.

Click here to view the three lectures. Thanks to both Danny Zacharias and Nijay Gupta for making these available.

These three lectures will become a basis of a book to be published in 2016 by Baker Academic.  Acadia Divinity College

The Earliest Known Fragment of the Gospel of Mark

According to rumors I heard over a year ago, an early fragment of the Gospel of Mark has been discovered in mummy cartonnage.  It is scheduled to be published this year along with a variety of other ancient manuscripts recently discovered.  If initial reports are correct, this would be the earliest fragment of any New Testament document to date. mummy-mask-150118Dr. Craig Evans, Professor of New Testament at Acadia Divnity College in Nova Scotia, is one of the scholars on a team committed to bringing these long, lost texts to light.  You may be interested in article that describes what mummy cartonnage is and why it could contain important information from long ago:

We will have to wait and see what has been discovered.  And who knows this could be the tip of the iceberg?
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